Providing the country with goods and services is normally the responsibility of the private sector. It is only when the private sector is no longer able to meet this responsibility that the state intervenes to regulate the situation.

The system of National Economic Supply is based on cooperation between the private sector and the state. This allows the expertise and existing structures of the private sector to be used to carry out state tasks in the event of the crisis.

In organising the National Economic Supply, representatives of all the leading economic sectors have taken on management responsibilities. The strength of this organisation lies in its network of senior managers from the widest variety of sectors in the Swiss economy. It brings together specific expertise and a wealth of experience that is invaluable when it comes to guaranteeing supply in the interests of our country. In a globalised business world, this kind of networked know-how is an indispensable requirement for fulfilling the supply mandate in a professional manner.

Last modification 02.11.2020

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