ICT Division

The ICT Division is responsible for planning and ensuring the nationwide supply of ICT services in a crisis situation. It is headed by Marcel von Vivis.

The division comprises ICT infrastructure operators and ICT service providers. Members of the other FONES divisions (e.g. Energy and Logistics) are also involved.

The experts in the ICT Division analyse ICT vulnerabilities and develop measures to increase resilience. If an event occurs that affects the availability of ICT services, they can request measures to be implemented.

The FONES ICT Division works closely with other federal agencies such as the Federal IT Steering Unit FITSU, the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI etc. The trade and industry associations SWICO and ASUT are also involved in the work of the ICT Division.

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Last modification 11.07.2023

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Marcel von Vivis

Marcel von Vivis

Head of ICT Division

Head Information and Communication
Infrastructure Division

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