The Delegate

Hans Häfliger

Hans Häfliger, Dr. sc. ETHZ

Delegate for National Economic Supply since July 2023 


National Economic Supply: New delegate takes up role

Hans Häfliger took up his role as Delegate for National Economic Supply on 1 July. The Federal Council appointed him to the position on 16 December 2022. Hans Häfliger succeeds Kurt Rohrbach, who had held the position on an interim basis since last autumn. A number of other staff changes are also taking place.

Hans Häfliger holds a PhD in agricultural sciences and was previously chair of the administrative board of the réservesuisse cooperative for compulsory stocks of food and feedstuffs. As such, he is very familiar with the topics of national economic supply, above all security of supply and compulsory stocks.

Hans Häfliger will head the entire National Economic Supply organisation. This consists of the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) as a staff unit, the support organisation with around 250 experts from the private sector and other administrative branches of the federal administration.

The National Economic Supply organisation thanks Kurt Rohrbach for his service.

Further staff changes

Zippora Segessenmann will take over as head of the Energy Secretariat from 1 October, making her the new point of contact for all energy-related topics at FONES. FONES is very glad that Zippora Segessenmann is moving from the EAER General Secretariat to FONES. She has worked closely with FONES and the Federal Office for Agriculture as a consultant in recent years and is very familiar with the issues of national economic supply. Zippora Segessenmann succeeds Patrick Rötheli, who will now be heading the Industry Secretariat. The post of Industry Division head is currently vacant, as Urs Näf has stepped down from the role. The position has been advertised.

Ines Heer, who holds a PhD in agricultural Sciences, will take over the running of the Nutrition Secretariat from 1 September. She is currently head of Enterprise Architecture at the Federal Department of Finance. She succeeds Martina Mittelholzer who has been running the secretariat on an interim basis.

The current head of the Legal and Compliance Division, Franz Flütsch, has decided to step down from his leadership role in the run-up to his retirement. He will remain with the National Economic Supply organisation as an expert. His current deputy, Barbara Trautweiler, will take over as head on 1 August. A replacement will be found for the position of deputy head.

At the beginning of July, Michael Marty took up his position. He will support the National Economic Supply network as a stakeholder and crisis coordinator.

FONES would like to thank Patrick Rötheli and Franz Flütsch for their work to date and is pleased that the organisation will continue to benefit from their wealth of experience. We would like to extend our thanks to Urs Näf and Martina Mittelholzer. We wish Zippora Segessenmann, Ines Heer and Michael Marty a good start in their new roles.


Hans Häfliger (1964) holds a degree in agricultural science (ETH Zurich) and has a wide range of professional experience from working within the Federal Administration and the private sector.

In the Federal Administration, he spent 10 years at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), firstly as head of staff in Bern (1999-2006) and then as embassy counsellor Switzerland's EU mission in Brussels (2006-2009).

In 2009, he moved to the private sector to join the research and innovation department at medtech manufacturer Synthes in Solothurn. In 2014, he took over the management of Freitag in Zurich, a label known primarily for its bags. From 2017 to 2023, he was chairman of the Administrative Board of the ‘réservesuisse’ cooperative.

On 1 July 2023 Hans Häfliger took up his role as Delegate for National Economic Supply and Director of the Federal Office for National Economic Supply.

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