Federal Office for National Economic Supply

Ensuring the availability of goods and services is the responsibility of the private sector. If the private sector is no longer able to perform this function itself when there are serious shortages, the state intervenes in the marketplace with targeted measures, for example to close gaps in the supply of vital goods and services. This cooperation between the private sector and the state is also reflected in the organisation of the National Economic Supply.

It is headed by the delegate. The law requires that this person must be from the private sector. The delegate is in charge of the entire organisation along with the Federal Office for National Economic Supply and the organisation formed from around 250 persons from the private sector and from other areas of the administration.  The Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) is the staff organ of the National Economic Supply.

The administration of National Economic Supply is organised into six divisions: Energy, Food, Therapeutic Products, Logistics, ICT and Industry, the specialist divisions at the organization and the secretariats at the Federal Office. In addition, the Federal Office also has a stockpiling section.

The Stockpiling Section and the secretariats are administratively assigned to the Federal Office. Their heads are part of the Executive Board. The heads of the secretariats report to the heads of the divisions in terms of their specialist knowledge. The head of Section reports to the Deputy Director for the implementation and enforcement of stockpiling.

The Office's tasks: It is responsible for the administrative affairs of national economic supply and supervises compulsory stockpiling. It coordinates cooperation with the federal agencies involved, with the armed forces and civil protection and informs the population.

The management organisation of the Federal Office includes the Deputy Director and the Executive Board.

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