Range of products stored

The compulsory stocks include directly consumable foodstuffs such as sugar, rice and cooking oil, and products that need to be processed before consumption, such as bread grain. Production factors  such as fertilisers and feedstuffs are also stockpiled. Enough is stocked to cover the average requirements in Switzerland for three to four months.

Petroleum, natural gas and electricity are the key energy products whose supply must be made secure. Enough petrol, diesel and heating oil is stocked to meet the average Swiss requirements for four and half months, and enough aviation fuel for three months. Importers of natural gas have smaller storage facilities, so as to be able to balance out short-term fluctuations in supply and demand.

Sufficient stocks of anti-infective drugs to treat all common infectious diseases are kept to last for five to six months. A compulsory stock of virostatics is held in case of a flu pandemic. Strong painkillers to cover requirements for three months are stocked, and since 1 October 2016 selected vaccines have also been stockpiled. There are supplementary stocks of haemostatics, insulins and various medical products. Veterinary medicines are stocked for two months of average consumption.

In addition, there are stocks of plastics for manufacturing pharmaceutical and food packaging.


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