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We advise – emergency supplies

Consumer goods, especially food, are transported to all parts of the country every day via a smoothly functioning distribution system. If this system fails as a result of blocked roads or for any other reason, remote locations can quickly be cut off from food supplies.

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Disaster risk reduction on a large and small scale

No country is immune to crises, as the pandemic has clearly shown. It is therefore all the more important to be aware of disaster risks and to be prepared for them. Each 13 October, the UN International Day for Disaster Reduction reminds us of this.

Preparation is also an important issue in national economic supply, which is responsible for ensuring the supply of essential goods to society. But each one of us should also take precautions – for example, by keeping emergency supplies and knowing how to cook without electricity.

A long power outage can severely disrupt people's lives and businesses. The new brochure on cooking without electricity published by the Canton of Bern's Office of Civil Protection, Sports and Military Affairs shows how food in the fridge can be prevented from spoiling and how emergency stocks of spaghetti can be cooked without electricity.

Radio show "à point" on emergency supplies and cooking without electricity  (in german)

Cooking without electricity - a guide from the canton of berne (in german) (PDF, 254 kB, 11.10.2021)

Canton of Bern: 13 October - International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (in german)

UNO: International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction


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