Release of compulsory stocks

In Switzerland compulsory stocks have to be held of a number of essential goods. This means that certain sectors of the economy are required to maintain stocks of these goods as a contribution to security of supply. The Confederation supervises and subsidises the maintenance of these compulsory stocks. The essential goods concerned are: foodstuffs (certain foods and fertilisers), energy (e.g. petrol, heating oil) and therapeutic products (antibiotics, painkillers, insulin preparations). More information on this topic can be found under Stockpiling.

The medicinal products to be stored in the compulsory stock are defined in the relevant ordinance 531.215.31 (available only in German, French and Italian).

To request access to compulsory stocks, please fill out the form below and send it to

Access will be granted should the product no longer be freely available on the market. Requests are assessed by the FONES in cooperation with the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office.

Last modification 21.08.2019

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