Minimum stock levels for disinfecting agents

Managing stocks of disinfectants ensures an adequate supply during a pandemic or other foreseeable severe shortage in the event of increased demand from the health care system and other distribution channels.

Since there is a need to act quickly during a pandemic, the FONES is able to issue orders to producers and importers to form minimum stocks in advance, i.e. if a pandemic looks likely. The main disinfectant suppliers are members of the ‘Arbeitsgruppe der Desinfektionsmittelanbieter Schweiz (ADA)’ (working group of Swiss disinfectant suppliers) and account for around 90% of the market volume in the healthcare sector. In principle, therefore, these companies are affected by the measure in advance. Even if a supplier objects to having to form stocks, stocks still have to be formed unless and until the objection is upheld. This ensures that sufficient quantities of disinfectant are available at short notice when necessary.

Last modification 16.11.2017

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