Restrictions of use and prohibitions

The Confederation may restrict or prohibit the consumption of electrical power. This step can already be taken in parallel with the appeals to reduce electricity consumption. The restrictions and bans are designed in escalation steps, starting with comfort restrictions such as the ban on object lighting to drastic measures such as plant closures.

The goal is to implement interventions that are optimally adapted to the respective situation, depending on the supply situation, meteorological conditions and the consequences for the economy and population. Vital goods and services must not be significantly affected. Depending on the supply situation, the EAER may adjust the lists of restrictions and prohibitions in a power shortage situation.

This measure is put into effect by ordinance. The cantons are responsible for monitoring compliance with this measure. Although only a limited percentage of electrical energy can be saved through the use of this measure, it is of great psychological importance for the management discipline of the population. It makes it clear that the country is in an exceptional situation.

Last modification 12.12.2022

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