Power quotas and immediate quotas

Quota system and immediate quota system affect end consumers with an annual consumption of at least 100 MWh. These are more than 34,000 large consumers, who account for almost half of Switzerland's electricity consumption. In addition to the large savings potential, focusing on this group of consumers has the advantage that the measure can be implemented in a binding manner and its effect can be measured quickly.

The quota is set for one day (immediate quota) or one month. With the monthly quota, large consumers can use the quota according to their needs spread over the month. OSTRAL is entrusted with the implementation of this measure.

The quota system is an essential measure to prevent grid disconnections.  No exceptions are foreseen. However, the economy and in particular the operators of infrastructures for supplying the country with vital goods and services are dependent on a flexible approach to quotas. Therefore, a solution is being sought for the passing on of quotas.

Last modification 12.12.2022

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