Electricity meets about a quarter of Switzerland's energy requirements and is vitally important to both the population and the economy. In addition to sufficient domestic production, a functioning power grid infrastructure and electricity imports are also necessary for security of supply. The electricity industry can normally cope with short interruptions in the power supply independently. In the event of a shortage of electricity, however, the FONES is responsible for preparing and introducing measures, which are put in place by the Organisation für Stromversorgung in ausserordentlichen Lagen (OSTRAL) (Organisation for power supply in extraordinary situations).

If such a situation arises, the FONES will strive to make consumers aware of potential shortages of electricity in advance. It will aim to ensure that nationwide supply remains constant for as long as possible by reducing consumption. When this is no longer possible, the FONES will concentrate on maintaining a reduced electricity supply in the long term, in order to minimise disruption to people’s daily lives.

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