Plastic granulates, packaging, chemical goods, emergency power generators or payment transactions - these are just a few of the services and goods that are important for all areas of national economic supply. Within the National Economic Supply, they are organisationally grouped together in the Industry Division.

In accordance with the National Economic Supply strategy, the Industry Division acts as a "service provider" for the other divisions.

The Industry Division

  • focuses on those goods of industrial production which are classified as critical by the other divisions on the basis of hazard analyses. At regular intervals, the department clarifies how great the risk is of being able to procure these goods

  • develops measures for these goods (e.g. ethanol, raw materials for plastics)

  • develops solutions for challenges that affect several specialist areas - e.g. decentralised emergency power supply, payment transactions, packaging.

In this way, the Industry Division supports the supply-relevant areas of economic national supply so that they have the necessary services and goods from industrial production at their disposal. In this way, these departments in turn can ensure the supply of the population even in a situation of shortage.

Last modification 05.12.2023

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