NCS strategy


In 2012 the Federal Council issued the National Strategy for Switzerland’s Protection against Cyber Risks (NCS). Several measures have been introduced to implement this strategy. The three main objectives are:

-  to set up a reliable cyber-risk early-warning system,
-  to increase resilience of critical infrastructure against cyber risk and
-  to reduce existing cyber risk in all its forms (cyber crime, cyber espionage,
    cyber sabotage).

Various federal offices are involved in applying the wide range of measures to achieve these objectives. Vulnerability studies are being conducted to establish where and how critical infrastructure can be made more resilient. The FONES is responsible for conducting these vulnerability studies under the NCS, and for devising measures to increase resilience in 12 critical sub-sectors.

You can find more information on the website of the National Cybersecurity Center NCSC:

Last modification 05.12.2023

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