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Cybersecurity handbook for public transport companies

Titelseite IKT-ÖV-D

Handbuch (PDF, 1 MB, 11.12.2020)

Manuel (PDF, 1 MB, 07.05.2021)

Manuale (PDF, 1 MB, 07.05.2021)

This handbook is only available in German, French and Italian.

Switzerland has an excellent public transport network covering the entire country. Regular and coordinated timetables provide travellers with end-to-end transport, whether by rail, tram, bus, boat or cableway. Public transport is also very important for the economy and plays a key role in ensuring the supply of goods and services throughout the country.

Public transport is therefore a critical infrastructure. As such, it should not only offer a punctual and reliable service, but above all must meet the highest security standards. As a result of the increasing interconnectedness of systems and installations and the growing complexity of IT networks, new threats to this critical infrastructure are emerging.  

Optimal protection against future threats such as cyber attack requires not only modern security technologies and the appropriate directives, but also stable processes and employees who have an awareness of cyber security.

The new manual for public transport operators provides recommendations for reducing cyber risks. This first edition was commissioned by the Association for Public Transport (VöV) and was compiled by experts from the public transport sector and the Federal Office for National Economic Supply FONES. The manual will be updated at regular intervals and added to if necessary.

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