District heating and cooling (systems)

The cyber security of a country's critical infrastructure is of paramount importance. Such infrastructure must therefore be adequately protected, especially its ICT systems. In the thermal network industry, which includes district heating and cooling systems, most operational processes are controlled by an industrial control system (ICS).

An ICS consists of several control components that interact to achieve a common goal. The system collects data from variable processes or on the status of industrial machines. It also controls and monitors machines on site or remotely. The system is of central importance as it can control all tasks at industrial plants, so it is essential to protect it against cyber threats and data theft.

Effective management of cyber security issues requires a clear understanding of the current security challenges and the available countermeasures. This minimum standard for ICT security enables the thermal network industry to protect itself against attack as well as safeguard against operating errors. The minimum standard also makes it possible to restore systems as quickly as possible in the event of an incident. This security framework allows companies to independently assess their risk and implement appropriate measures.

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Last modification 05.12.2023

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