Therapeutic products


The demand for therapeutic products in Switzerland is largely met by imports. Some product groups, such as antibiotics or insulin preparations, come almost exclusively from abroad.

Over recent years, globalisation has resulted in a concentration of suppliers and production sites worldwide. At the same time, stocks have been reduced at all levels for cost reasons. Medical supply chains have thus become more vulnerable.

The National Economic Supply has devised measures both for short-term shortages and supply shortfalls as well as for the event of a pandemic. These include filling gaps in supply (from compulsory stocks) and controlling demand (prioritised distribution, quotas).

The reporting office of the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES), which was set up in summer 2015, provides an early warning system for the rapid detection of disruptions in the supply of critical human medicines. Appropriate measures can introduced in good time to counteract the supply shortfalls reported by the health care system.

Last modification 30.11.2023

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