Around 90% of Switzerland's energy requirements are currently met by oil, electricity and natural gas. Just under 80% of our energy has to be imported from abroad in one form or another.

Because our society is so dependent on these foreign energy sources, the FONES wants to make supply as robust as possible. If there were a shortage, however, compulsory stocks of fossil fuels could be released to meet total demand, and then this demand could be reduced gradually. In the case of electricity, meanwhile, consumption would have to be cut back much more quickly in order to keep supply and demand in balance.

In order to maintain an adequate supply even in times of severe shortages, the FONES has prepared different measures for each of the four energy sources. These measures can be applied on both the supply side (for example, by releasing compulsory stocks) and the demand side (for example, by introducing quotas).

Last modification 28.11.2023

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