Emergency supplies

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Disaster risk reduction on a large and small scale

The pandemic has shown how important it is to be prepared for disasters. The UN Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on 13 October aims to raise awareness of this. Resilience is also central to a country's economic supply system. And everyone can do their bit, for example by keeping emergency supplies and knowing how to cook without electricity.

Drinking water


Enough drinking water in times of severe shortage

Cantons, communes and water suppliers must be able to supply the population with sufficient drinking water even when there is a severe shortage. The federal government provides them with guidance based on the DWSO, which has been in force since October 2020.

Food security


Increasing Food-Security Challenges Faced by Switzerland

Agroscope conducts an annual analysis of the risks to food supply on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for Economic Supply FONES. In 2021, a power shortage, seed imports and climate change were addressed as particular risks. 

National economic supply


2017–2020 National Economic Supply (NES) Report with lessons from the pandemic period

The supply situation in Switzerland is generally good. However, supply risks have increased. These are the conclusions drawn by the National Economic Supply (NES) in its latest National Economic Supply Report. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed shortcomings in crisis preparation that must now be rectified as quickly as possible. The Federal Council has duly acknowledged the NES-Report 2017–2020.



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