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2017–2020 National Economic Supply (NES) Report with lessons from the pandemic period

The supply situation in Switzerland is generally good. However, supply risks have increased. These are the conclusions drawn by the National Economic Supply (NES) in its latest National Economic Supply Report. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed shortcomings in crisis preparation that must now be rectified as quickly as possible. The Federal Council has duly acknowledged the NES-Report 2017–2020.

Therapeutic products


Therapeutic products platform helped to ease shortages

In 2019 and 2020 there were more than 300 cases of disruptions to the supply of critical medicines that are subject to a reporting obligation. Several critical situations were eased through early monitoring and the release of compulsory stocks, as stated in a report acknowledged by the Federal Council.



Indispensable compulsory stocks

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly shows the importance of compulsory stocks in Switzerland: Due to increased shortages in the supply of medicines, compulsory stocks have already been released dozens of times. Around 300 companies currently hold compulsory stocks of a wide range of goods worth around CHF 2.5 billion.

Delegate for National Economic Supply


Pandemic highlights importance of security of supply

The strength of National Economic Supply (NES) lies in the close cooperation between the private sector and the state, as Werner Meier, NES delegate, explains in an interview. During his term of office, which has been extended until 2023, he has objectives containing both the tried and tested and the new.

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