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National Economic Supply

The FONES is the centre of expertise in matters regarding security of supply

Switzerland sources virtually 100 per cent of its raw materials, 80 per cent of its energy, 40% of its food, and a large proportion of essential therapeutic products from abroad. All kinds of incidents, from technical disturbances to political tensions in the source countries, can disrupt the flow of vital goods to Switzerland.

In its capacity as centre of expertise in matters regarding security of supply, the FONES,  in close collaboration with the private sector, ensures that short-term supply shortages do not result in significant disruption. As such, it ensures, for example, that vital goods are stockpiled and that these can be distributed in an orderly manner in the event of shortages, and in the event of transport problems, that sufficient cargo space is available, or that the lights don't go out if there is a power shortage.

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Federal Office for National Economic Supply FONES

Belpstrasse 53
3003 Berne
Phone: +41 58 462 21 71
e-Mail: info@bwl.admin.ch