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The publications listed below are obtainable free of charge from FONES:

«Report on National Economic Supply 2009 - 2012»
This report offers a review of core activities over the past four years, an overview of where action is currently required, and a look ahead to the challenges of the future.
36 pages, A4 format

Flyer Emergency provisions
The new flyer «Expecting the unexpected» tells you why you should keep a store of emergency provisions at home, and provides a list of the recommended products (drinks, non-perishable foods, everyday household items).
4 pages, A5 format

«Running on empty»
This brochure provides information on the tasks, goals, organisation and instruments of national economic supply. The large-format pictures and poster-style texts with detailed information on the following pages spark interest and provide a fascinating introduction to the many facets of economic supply.
28 pages, A4 format

«Assuring sustainable business success»
Be prepared - a BCM guidebook for enterprises
24 pages, A5 format

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